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Powerful, accessible and practical tool to heal, improve and truly transform your life!

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Discover and activate your inner abilities to understand, transform, heal and grow so you can live balanced and happy life!

The goal of this technique is to give everyone, regardless of their prior experience, an accessible, clear, simple method of helping yourself and others, to improve your lives and reach the depths of your being.

About Goran

„My purpose is helping people to align with their true nature – and with Integration Technique® I am expressing it in a simple and relatable way, to touch people and inspire them to do it.”

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Become Integration Technique® practitioner through structured, experiential and deep training.

Heal Yourself Training program is highly experiential program that takes to healing journey though 3 levels, connecting you to the wisdom of our body and our innate capacity to recognize, accept, transform and heal ouselves and our surroundings.

In our workshops we are applying IT® tools in different areas of our lifes – our relationships to self and others, forgiveness, acceptance, emotions of fear, anger, resentment, our health, material aboundane and other important areas where we often feel blockages that stops us from living our true potential.


Learn more and experience benefits of Integration Technique® in our short, insightful and highly experiential workshops and webinars.


fri26jul20:00fri22:00Discovering Grace: A Journey into Self-Compassion and Divine Love20:00 – 22:00(GMT+02:00) View in my timePriceFREE

sun28jul13:00sun15:00Discovering Grace: A Journey into Self-Compassion and Divine Love – 2nd date13:00 – 15:00(GMT+02:00) View in my timePriceFREE


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How to accept yourself?

What I have noticed is that although people work on themselves and want to move forward in life, there is still the separation inside of

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My new book

Ignite Forgiveness is a book I’m endlessly proud of. It contains the story of one of the most transformational moments of my life, so this book is very near and dear to my heart. The writing process allowed me to awaken even more wisdom, healing, and growth within me, but as much as this Ignite Forgiveness has done for me, it will do even more for you.

Get your copy of the book now!

Training programs

Training program

Heal Yourself – Level III

HEAL YOURSELF III training program is an exclusive 4-day class which touches the deepest parts of our being.​

Join the HEAL YOURSELF III training if you want to do deep work on healing the blockages in the physical body, and resolve key issues such as FORGIVENESS, SELF-LOVE and HEALING YOUR WOUNDS.​
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