Abundance in the new year – Integration technique® – Goran Karna Abundance in the new year – Integration technique® – Goran Karna

Welcome to the Abundance Workshop in the New Year!

Abundance is not merely about material wealth; it’s a mindset, a transformative way of living that opens the floodgates to an extraordinary life. Recognizing the universe’s infinite generosity, we are showered with opportunities, love, and prosperity. It all begins with gratitude – appreciating the richness of each moment, the people around us, and the opportunities that come our way. Shedding the scarcity mindset, we realize there’s more than enough for everyone.

Abundance flows when we share, uplift, and celebrate the success of others, knowing their joy amplifies ours. It’s a harmonious dance between giving and receiving, creating a positive exchange with the universe. Aligning our thoughts and actions with positivity, we become magnets for prosperity, flourishing in purpose, love, and joy.

Ready to embark on a powerful transformation in 2024?

Join us for the transformative Workshop Abundance in the New Year where we’ll dive deep into unlocking the doors to both material and emotional abundance. In this workshop, we’ll tackle the blockages that have been holding you back, paving the way for a year filled with prosperity and joy!

Discover the insights awaiting you in this workshop:

  • Uncover and overcome limiting feelings that may be holding you back.
  • Remove energy blockages that hinder the flow of abundance in your life.
  •  Acquire powerful manifestation techniques to empower your journey in 2024.
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12th January 2024
18 – 21:00 h



15th January 2024
12 – 15:00 h

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Participants will work on themselves with Goran s guidance they will also have a chance to ask Goran some questions.

The workshop will be held in English with Croatian, German, Chinese and Arabic translation.

No prerequisites, everyone is welcome to join.

Let's make 2024 a year of abundance, growth, and manifestation! Secure your spot now and get ready to thrive.