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Integration Technique® - Ambassador program

Do you want an active role in bringing more acceptance, love and harmony in people’s lives and the world?

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get involved and join our ambassador program


  • Shared vision

As Integration Technique® partner you support Goran’s vision of bringing to people across the globe an accessible, practical, and transformational tool that helps to heal, transform and bring harmony to oneself and the world. We promote authenticity and integrity and therefore our Ambassadors are mostly those who learned, experienced and used Integration Technique® tools and are inspired to share it with others.

  • Add value to your services while helping to raise the awareness of Integration Technique®

You are active in the area of self-development, healing, counseling, therapy, coaching etc. and you are helping people to heal and overcome their afflicted emotions and blockages. By using, offering and promoting Integration Technique® tools and programs within your client base and on your own communication platforms and social media, you not only raise awareness of Integration Technique® benefits, but also offer your clients additional effective and easy-to-use tool, which helps you additionally build your integrity, trust and value.

  • Become a part of growing community

You will join other professionals and enthusiasts dedicated to bringing transformational healing tools to people and help them find their innate wisdom and ability to live harmoniously with themselves and the world. Our community shares common values of integrity, generosity, authentic kindness, and immense love for humanity. Integration Technique® Ambassador community usually consists of those who learned and experienced the benefits Integration Technique® tools and are inspired to share it and practice it on themselves and others.


  • Share and promote the Integration Technique® content, program and events on your own media channels and social networks, newsletters, website, or other platforms.
  • Initiate interviews, live Q&A or other activities with Goran related to communicating Integration Technique®
  • Translating the Integration Technique® materials or during the events/programs for your clients in your own respective language
  • Any other activity that will help promote Integration Technique® and add value to your offer, with the outcome of benefiting larger number of people


No investment needed (unless you want to)

We will provide you with Integration Technique® Ambassador toolkit (branding, content, text, visuals and other support) which you can download and use in your promotion. You can choose to which level of support you want to invest in promoting Integration Technique® tools, benefits and events – either just by sharing our content, program schedules and events to your own media platforms and mailing lists, or by creating your own promotional content, activities and promotions in order to reach higher audience.


Earn commission (15% )

For each reference from your side that will participate in paid Integration Technique® programs, workshops or events we will renumerate you with 15% commission fee. The renumeration is not paid for free events. The commission will be paid via Paypal 14 days after the closure of the referred program or workshop.


Translation renumeration

Programs are offered in English. If some of your clients require translation during the live program into their language and you would like to offer the translation, we will renumerate your translation based on the average translation hourly fee in your country.


No exclusivity

Becoming our ambassador and promoting Integration Technique® in your country, region or city does not gain you the exclusivity for promoting Integration Technique® tool and events. Our community consists of genuine enthusiasts who share our mission to support people in accepting themselves, their emotions and who they are and want to create opportunity for large number of people around the globe.


Practice what you preach (walk the talk)

It is strongly encouraged that Ambassadors are practitioners of Integration Technique and completed at least Heal Yourself Level 1 training, prior to promoting the Integration Technique® to their audience.


  1. Contact us with your aspirations and questions on
  2. On-boarding (ensuring you experience and understand the Integration Technique® tools and its benefits, giving your all necessary information)
  3. Singing ambassador contract / pledge
  4. Receiving Ambassador Toolkit
  5. Get started in creating the accepting and kind world with Integration Technique® support