Discover My Forgiveness Story

  Ignite Forgiveness contains within its pages the story of IGNITE MOMENT. This was the moment in my life that changed the trajectory of the path I was on and awakened me to something greater. I discovered the life-changing, transformational … Read More

How to accept yourself?

What I have noticed is that although people work on themselves and want to move forward in life, there is still the separation inside of them between their GOOD and the BAD SIDE. The bad side is the part of … Read More

Why do we work with the body?

Our body is intelligent and carries in its cells all memories, feelings and traumas we have ever lived through. It has all knowledge necessary to heal our emotional, mental, physical and spiritual life. Through working with the body, we get … Read More

How to heal soul?

How to heal a Soul

Our Soul is our essence, the being that creates our life. It is a huge force which wants to express itself through us, to manifest in our life. The Soul wants to be accepted; it wants us to become aware … Read More

What is the pre-fetal period and why do we need to heal it?

Pre-fetal period is the period in the existence of our soul when it decides to descend into our mother’s womb. Our soul does not really descend completely, but only with a part of itself. When the soul is offered this … Read More

How it all started

This blog is my little “confession” to you on how and why this technique came to be. I have been doing healing work for over 20 years, and I have always believed there is a way to heal ourselves, so … Read More