Celebration of Life – Integration technique® – Goran Karna Celebration of Life – Integration technique® – Goran Karna

Celebration of Life

Would you like to be more connected and present in the HERE and NOW?
Would you like to enjoy in every moment of your life?
Would you like to be appreciated by yourself and others?
Would you like to go back to the feelings of the moment you were born?
Would you like to connect with your mother through your heartbeat?
Finally, would you like to understand how Mothers are the gate of life to this planet?

Every day of our life we think about our mothers because we feel alive and we are thankful to them for bringing us to life. Our relationship with our mother is the most important relationship in our life. It doesn’t matter if our mother is next to us physically or not, we can always feel her inside of us and connect to her through our heartbeat.

What do you get from this workshop?

The mother is the channel without which there is no life; through her souls are created and grounded on Earth. Without it, there is no growth of the soul on Earth, and without it, the whole growth is blocked. We carry maternal energy within us and it is time to heal that relationship.

Relationship with your mother affects all areas of your life – your relationship with yourself, your health, finances, abundance, success in life, relationship with your partner, relationship with your child…

This workshop contains a dose of gratitude to all women who are mothers and who tried to be mothers, but also gratitude to all those Souls who tried to descend to this reality and contribute to the growth of humanity with their presence. Through the mother, life descends on this beautiful planet.

How are we going to do it?

Through the Integration technique®, we will first remember situations, experiences and emotions connected to our mothers. Those are experiences and emotions from prenatal time, time of birth and time after our birth. After learning how to deal with all those emotions, we will feel better in our skin. We will feel more lightness in our existence.

It is about working on the 1st chakra and everything that the root chakra carries. It is about solving blockages related to grounding (as a result of birth trauma) and everything that can occur as a result in the life of each individual (from poverty (of all kinds) to addictions (of all kinds).)When the 1st chakra is blocked, then the 2nd chakra has to take more “responsibility” for the individual’s life, and consequently it is also affected. 


The workshop will be held in English, with Arabic, Chinese, Croatian, Greek, Hungarian and German translation.




Ellipse 1


May 12th,
from 18:00 to 21:00 (CEST – GMT +2)

May 15th,
from 13:00 to 16:00 (CEST – GMT +2)

0 h

Participants will work in pairs and they will also have a chance to ask Goran some questions.