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Ignite Forgiveness contains within its pages the story of IGNITE MOMENT. This was the moment in my life that changed the trajectory of the path I was on and awakened me to something greater. I discovered the life-changing, transformational kind of healing, courage, and emotional freedom that not everyone gets to experience because of my journey to forgiveness. I wanted to share that moment to give power to my experiences and show you that it is possible to find the bright light in your life through forgiveness.

It has been amazing to see all the support for my story and to know that it has changed the lives of others… and I am just one of 26 authors in Ignite Forgiveness! Imagine this many incredible stories just like mine, all inspiring you towards your best self!

Each person’s story contains that extra something special. Each one has that magic to transform your life and inspire you to empower and believe in yourself.

Discover the power and greatness within you as you read the stories of others. You can get your copy of Ignite Forgiveness here:


One Comment

  1. Mirjana

    27.11. Moj je rođendan, i taj dan je objava o oprostu. Čini mi se da je to za mene pisano, snaga oprosta će me osloboditi.

    Inače javljam se za besplatni webinar 25.02.

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