Integration Technique – Goran Karna

By getting to know ourselves we are achieving our full potential
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Live your highest purpose and meaning
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Deeper understanding and accepting our lives


Emotional healing and transformation of consciousness

Self Realization

Life in alignment with our soul


Emotional, mental, spiritual and physical

Integration Technique

This technique derived from his great love towards people and his desire to contribute to the world. The message of this technique is complete realisation of ourselves, our deepest being, identity and the integration of this consciousness with everyday life.

Goran Karna

Goran, with his 2 decade long experience as an educator and healer, held more than 350 seminars and workshops. In his healing practice, he had great success in treating different physical problems, emotional problems, traumas, fears, relationship issues and financial problems.


How to heal soul?

How to heal a Soul

Our Soul is our essence, the being that creates our life. It is a huge force which wants to express itself through us, to manifest in our life. The Soul wants to be accepted; it wants us to become aware

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How it all started

This blog is my little “confession” to you on how and why this technique came to be. I have been doing healing work for over 20 years, and I have always believed there is a way to heal ourselves, so

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Training programs and Workshops

Training program

Heal yourself – Level II

Heal Yourself – Level II Are you ready for a new level of development and a new step in your life and work on yourself? ALL SOLUTIONS ARE WITHIN US! Does this happen to you: ● You took many courses

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How to improve relationships

How to improve relationships Do you have challenging relationships with others? Do you have problems in your relationships with your parents, partners or colleagues at work? Why do you keep repeating certain situations in relationships with people? How can you

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Training program

Heal yourself – Level I

Heal Yourself – Level I You took so many classes and did a lot of work on yourself, but you are still not living your full potential? In order to live the life your soul wants, you need to take

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