Accept yourself

This webinar (workshop) is for everyone who wants to realise deeper truth about themselves, dive deeper into their consciousness, subconsciousness and higher consciousness. By accepting all aspects of our being – emotional, physical, mental and spiritual – we become aware of the possibilities of our being and we have the completely new picture of ourselves, life and reality. The webinar will help you stop fighting with yourself, solve your inner conflict and help you to stop judging yourself. Goran will demonstrate how through conversation with the client and through deep intuitive insight, we can change our conscious and subconscious beliefs and feelings and accept the new perspective of ourselves and our life. Furthermore, Goran will talk about how to make peace with our shadow self and how to recognise the positive qualities we carry within us. Participants will do different exercises and meditations as well as work in pairs. Making peace with yourself will bring you a deep sense of peace and you will be more satisfied and fulfilled in everyday life.

The webinar will help you stop fighting with yourself, resolve internal conflict, and stop judging yourself.

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