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INTEGRATION TECHNIQUE® is a personal development technique for optimal development and use of one’s own potential and improvement of quality of life. This statement (“Statement”) is signed in order to regulate rights and obligations between  ITC Goran Karna d.o.o. („ITC Goran Karna“) and the student of INTEGRATION TECHNIQUE® course („Student“).


  1. Rights and obligations of the Student

    • Upon issuing of INTEGRATION TECHNIQUE® certificate (“Certificate”) by ITC Goran Karna, the Student becomes a licensed INTEGRATION TECHNIQUE® practitioner and has the right to provide services using the INTEGRATION TECHNIQUE® to third parties. Prerequisite for issuing of INTEGRATION TECHNIQUE® attendance certificate is Student’s attendance of all classes of the course and payment of the agreed fee.
    • At the INTEGRATION TECHNIQUE® course student will acquire necessary knowledge and basic practice needed to use this technique. After receiving the Certificate, Student will have no right to train third persons in the use INTEGRATION TECHNIQUE®, which requires additional education.
    • Course fees and other expenses will be charged according to the price list available at ITC Goran Karna webpage .
    • Student undertakes to use INTEGRATION TECHNIQUE® in accordance with highest ethical standards and their own competences. All confidential and personal information about other students revealed during the course must be kept confidential and can be revealed to third parties with consent of the person concerned only.


  • INTEGRATION TECHNIQUE® is not a method of treating illnesses, nor can it replace medical or psychological care. If the Student is under doctor’s supervision due to an illness or health concerns, ITC Goran Karna advises Student to continue prescribed therapy and follow the instructions of their medical provider.
  • By signing this Statement the Student undertakes to provide services by using INTEGRATION TECHNIQUE® and inform others about the technique and its possibilities only according to the conditions provided in this Statement. It is explicitly prohibited to promote INTEGRATION TECHNIQUE® as a method of treating, diagnosing or preventing disease or health conditions, and make any statements in that regard.
  • Everything that the Student learns about or in connection with other course participants during the course is a secret and must not be disclosed to third parties.


  1. Intellectual property

    • INTEGRATION TECHNIQUE® is a trademark owned by Goran Karna. With the right to provide services to third parties using INTEGRATION TECHNIQUE®, Student acquires a non-exclusive license to use the trademark, with the right and responsibility of using the INTEGRATION TECHNIQUE® trademark in accordance with the completed education of INTEGRATION TECHNIQUE®. Student must use the trademark INTEGRATION TECHNIQUE® in its original form, without any changes to it.
    • Student manuals, books and other materials used in the course, as well as trademarks and other marks and the INTEGRATION TECHNIQUE® itself are intellectual property of Goran Karna (in further text collectively: “Materials”). Materials may not be copied in part or in whole, reproduced, republished, transferred, changed, distributed or used for performance without former written consent of ITC Goran Karna. Students are not allowed to record audio or video of the course.
  1. Indemnification

    In case of breach of obligations from this Statement, Student will be solely responsible for any damage, direct or indirect, including actual damage and lost profit arising from non-compliance of provisions of this Statement, and will be obliged to fully indemnify ITC Goran Karna for any damage arising concerning this Statement. Student waives the right to claim any damages from ITC Goran Karna concerning the INTEGRATION TECHNIQUE® course, technique itself and/or its effects and/or practical application. 

  1. Personal data

    Student’s personal data is collected solely for the purpose of attending this course and issuing of Certificate, and are not transferred to any third person, except to those prescribed by law for the purpose of fulfilling obligations related to this course, and only to the extent this is necessary. At Student’s personal request, after completion of the course, all personal data  ITC Goran Karna received from the Student will be deleted.


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