Free yourself from vows and contracts – Integration technique – Goran Karna Free yourself from vows and contracts – Integration technique – Goran Karna

Free yourself from vows and contracts

Do you yearn to break free from the chains of worries and commitments?

If your answer is a resounding YES, it’s time to embark on a journey toward a life filled with freedom, spontaneity, and adventure.

It’s time to shed the constraints of binding contracts that have held you back for far too long.

What do you get from this workshop?

Vows, commitments, contracts, agreements, promises, obligations, bans, and oaths are like lifelong companions that journey with us through the various phases of our lives. We often carry them without realizing, and they intricately connect us in ways we might not fully grasp. These connections are often handed down through generations from our ancestors, our culture, and the people around us.


The complexity of our interconnected commitments remains mostly hidden, creating a web of both clear and unspoken responsibilities that tie us to a wide range of roles and duties. In the grand tapestry of our lives, the significance of these promises and vows often goes unnoticed.


Let us introduce this workshop, whose purpose is to help us break free from these hidden constraints and gain a deeper understanding of our self. As we delve into self-discovery and reflection, we aim to reveal these concealed connections, gently untangle them, and expand our awareness along the way. By understanding both the promises we’ve chosen and those that have been placed upon us, we come closer to genuine self-awareness and the freedom to navigate life with newfound clarity and purpose.


Living our best life hinges on our ability to thoughtfully navigate the promises and agreements we’ve made. By taking a closer look at these commitments, we can either reshape them to better align with our goals or choose to liberate ourselves from those that no longer resonate with our authentic selves.

How are we going to do it?

Through the Integration technique® we will learn that the power to live our best life is within our control as we break free from limitations that hinder our pursuit of happiness and fulfillment.

So, take a deep breath, release the stress, and wholeheartedly say YES to new opportunities, fresh experiences, and unexplored horizons. Join us on:

WORKSHOP Free yourself from vows and contracts

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The workshop will be held in English with Croatian, German, Hungarian, Chinese and Arabic translation.

November 25th at 6pm


November 27th at 12pm

Croatia Time Zone (CET) (UTC+1)

0 h

Participants will work on themselves with Goran s guidance they will also have a chance to ask Goran some questions.

Let’s journey together towards a life of boundless possibilities. Your path to a more liberating and fulfilling existence begins here!