How it all started

This blog is my little “confession” to you on how and why this technique came to be. I have been doing healing work for over 20 years, and I have always believed there is a way to heal ourselves, so I was very happy to see people healing in my healing practice. I also knew that the Energy which created this world could also heal it or bring it into balance.

After so much work on healing others, I ended up lying in a coma in Finland, as a consequence of the Corona-virus infection and bacterial pneumonia. Old teachings say that a healer must pass and come back to move on in their development and start their new story. Such a thing happened with me too. I came to the death doors and came back, and started a new story of my own. This experience of the coma was not so difficult as it seems at first sight, but somehow encouraging for my future life. It has brought me many new insights. One of them is that you will leave this world when your time comes, not when you fall into a coma or you have Covid 19, so you don’t need to be afraid of death. I actually liked it up there, but I was told that I had some more things to do, so here I am with you again.

After this experience I started thinking more about my life and about human suffering and inability to move forward in life. It occurred to me why I and other people were suffering. I realized that I did not accept myself or the life I had, and I had so much to be grateful and joyful for. Until then I kept thinking something was wrong with me, that I was missing something and kept craving something I did not have. I did not see all the wealth of love and happiness I carry inside of my being, but kept looking for those things outside, in all the wrong places. I used to think that only when I achieved all I want in my life, then I could accept my life and be happy. Then I realized this was not only my problem, but a general problem most people have. This kind of contemplation resulted in creating my webinars (Accept Yourself, Propel your Life, Conversations with the Soul).

With time, through work with people and communication with the Source a completely new method of work emerged, and the technique evolved with each day as I received new insights. Ideas occurred to me that we should focus on human body from within, i.e., our inner being and energies we carry inside ourselves in order to achieve a healing. I have always believed that we have the ability of self-healing and there was an inner intelligence which can help us, but I didn’t know how to find it and activate it. Then a simple method of work was given to me where we listen to what the body and inner intelligence are telling us, become aware of that in our bodies, and in doing so fears, traumas, feeling that have been troubling you for years, pains, simply disappear. Not just that – people would feel completely renewed, energized, pain free, and their consciousness would expand.

At first, I didn’t really understand how such a simple method could bring about such deep healings. Only when I discovered the Vedic theory of 5 bodies or Koshas we all have inside ourselves it became somewhat clear to me how the healings worked. Namely, this inner intelligence which leads us through the healing is found in these bodies and in the energy of creation or our being, and what we need to do is harmonize those bodies in order to reach the healing. Through meditation, yoga and different techniques it usually takes many years of work and effort to achieve that, but here it all goes somehow quickly and easily. I believe that through this work we reach our deepest Being, or Energy of Creation, or Consciousness, and we enter Delta state of mind. Instead of rejecting and suppressing different parts of ourselves we don’t like and running away from them, we accept them and they transform into Consciousness or Energy of Creation. It is my wish to bring these teachings and technique and make it available to everyone who wants to work on themselves and help others. Feel free to ask me questions in the blog, I will answer as soon as I can.



  1. Jo meyer

    I accept your invitation.

    Jo meyer

  2. Beth

    Wonderful Goran!!

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