How to accept yourself?

What I have noticed is that although people work on themselves and want to move forward in life, there is still the separation inside of them between their GOOD and the BAD SIDE.
The bad side is the part of us that stores emotions such as deep fear, anger, grief, pain and wounds.
Fighting with these feelings, blaming ourselves can create only stagnation and suffering.
People sometimes think that if they accept their anger or fear that they will not move forward in life.
It is fine to be angry of to feel fear, we should not escape from these emotions or blame ourselves. All these feelings are the part of human experience.
If we accept this, then we have the option of moving forward. If we suppress it or blame ourselves, this inner conflict can block our development and even create illness.
Accepting ourselves means that we are in love with all parts of ourselves, that we are intimate with all our flaws, negativity and only by accepting we can be free from it.

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