How to heal a Soul

How to heal soul?

Our Soul is our essence, the being that creates our life. It is a huge force which wants to express itself through us, to manifest in our life. The Soul wants to be accepted; it wants us to become aware of it in our life, to connect with it. The Soul has its own developmental path and it needs healing. It heals and descends more and more into us when we accept love, joy and peace into our life and when we pursue everything we do with complete awareness and dedication.

The biggest trauma for the Soul happened when it separated from the Source or God; this is when the feeling of separation came about, which follows us and the Soul and we want to heal this separation. This is why we all look for this initial unity with the Source. We search for it in our relationships, in work, love, travel, adventures, challenges, addictions, food, sex… We feel deep down inside this yearning to unite, yearning for infinity, for eternity. Healing this trauma can help us become free from the feeling of separation and futile search for unity in places where it cannot be found.

The second important moment for healing of the Soul is that when it was created, the Soul chose its developmental path through suffering, difficulties, drama, feelings of lack of love, pleasure, money, through illness, etc. What we need to do is to change the developmental path of the Soul and teach it that we can both develop through abundance of everything: love, pleasure, health, success in all areas of life. This is a huge change which reflects in our daily life and the Soul directs its energy that way – it helps us let spiritual and material abundance enter our life.

We can ask the Soul for support and blessing for anything we want to create in our life. When we receive that, we are within reach of our goal and success. Success is to create life from the deepest parts of yourself and be in harmony, in balance with yourself and the Universe.

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