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A powerful, accessible and practical tool to heal, improve and truly transform your life!

This technique represents the result of a thirty-year long process of working on myself, studying spiritual and healing techniques, psychology, philosophy, as well as many years of experience in therapeutic work with clients. However, the true inception of the Integration Technique® was my near-death experience in Finland in 2020. The basic working principle of this technique is accepting and transforming your feelings, thoughts, traumas, different patterns of behavior and clearing emotional blocks (such as fears, regret, guilt, trauma, dissatisfaction, and bitterness). Instead of the usual rejection, avoidance or suppression of our struggles, we learn how to accept and transform them into higher consciousness and the qualities we already possess within ourselves. We use the tools of visualization practice and our intuitive abilities, still, self-healing can truly happen by relying on the innate wisdom of our physical body and the highest consciousness.



Our body is intelligent and carries in its cells all memories, feelings and traumas we have ever lived through. It also has all the knowledge necessary to heal our emotional, mental, physical and spiritual life. Through working with the body, we get in touch with the deepest parts of ourselves or our being and we develop feelings of self-confidence and self-respect.


When we truly accept our emotions and challenging situations in our life, then those emotions and situations transform into higher energies and vibrations. True acceptance happens when, instead of rejecting and fighting the past, people, emotions, we embrace and welcome them in our life and when we become grateful for their existence. This is what instantly liberates us.

“By accepting ourselves as we are, we can overcome and transform life’s obstacles and create space for healing, growth, happier and balanced life to naturally happen.”


In this modality, healing can be emotional, physical, mental and spiritual and it is happening quickly and spontaneously. Deep, hidden and suppressed feelings are transformed using body awareness into positive emotions and virtues which have a positive impact on our health. Therefore, we are becoming more balanced and harmonized, more grounded, stable, creative and positive about our life.

“Healing happens when we realize that there is actually nothing wrong with us – that our true nature is accepting, loving and in harmony with everything within and around us.”


This method of healing uses our life’s circumstances, disappointment, stress, loss, trauma, financial or relationship difficulties for our inner growth or for raising our vibration. We believe that every situation in our life is very important and it is bringing us an important message. When we realize it and accept it, then a real shift in our consciousness is happening. The reality, in which we live, changes from fear and resentment to love, creativity, joy, playfulness and ease of existence. We are able to manifest and perform better in everyday life.

Integration Technique® is both energy and somatic modality, working with the body.
We use body intelligence to achieve spontaneous healing and raise our consciousness. Through this technique we get in touch with suppressed feelings we carry in our bodies without being aware of them. Then we transform them and release this energy. By working with the body, we also balance male and female energies within us, we develop and stimulate female energy within us, which is gentle, playful and powerful at the same time.

“We have unlimited capacity to grow, create and evolve and I want to help people connect to their inner self and awaken qualities of love, acceptance, forgiveness so they naturally live a fulfilled, balanced and purposeful life.”

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