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This workshop contains a dose of gratitude to all women who are mothers and who tried to be mothers, but also gratitude to all those Souls who tried to descend to this reality and contribute to the growth of humanity with their presence.

Within the workshop, we delicately navigate the intricate labyrinth of internal conflicts that echo within each of us.


In this workshop we will work on many aspects of love. As our quality of life is proportionate to the quality of our relationships, we will work on making them more loving, compassionate and caring.

Purpose of this workshop is to help us break free from these hidden constraints and gain a deeper understanding of our self.

This workshop is dedicated to the relationship with your father. The relationship with one’s father is a significant and multifaceted aspect of life that can greatly influence our overall energy and well-being.

January is the time of the year when we make review our life in the previous year and also think about how to improve our life in the New Year.

This Workshop is dedicated to the attachments as obstacles to your future growth. This is the opportunity for us to open up for new life experiences.

This workshop will connect you deeply with your Soul as your true being. You will be able to create and live your daily life from that deep unity.

In this workshop, Goran will talk about the Integration Technique and how to improve any relationship with other people through a simple change of feelings we carry in ourselves.

We will address a range of emotions linked to fear during our work together. Through this process, we will uncover our authentic selves, characterized by freedom and playfulness, where fear holds no sway.