What is the pre-fetal period and why do we need to heal it?

Pre-fetal period is the period in the existence of our soul when it decides to descend into our mother’s womb. Our soul does not really descend completely, but only with a part of itself. When the soul is offered this life, it realizes that is the best option for its development and progress, and it is aware of all the benefits this life brings. However, as the soul is gets closer to this planet, it starts feeling the fears of planet Earth and questioning its decision to enter a body. It also takes over the suffering and other feelings of group consciousness, like hopelessness and despair. Those feelings remain with us for the rest of our lives.

Then there are also the unsuccessful attempts of soul’s entering a body, when the soul is traumatized. Healing of those traumas and feelings the soul acquired in this period greatly improves the quality of our life. We need to heal all periods of life and all parts of our being. When I say the word heal, what I mean is the harmonization and integration of all parts of ourselves, or that which we call the realization of your full potential.

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