About the method



This technique is the result of my thirty years of working on myself, studying spiritual and healing techniques, psychology, philosophy, as well as many years of experience in therapeutic work with clients. The technique is based on philosophy of integration (alignment, harmonization) of consciousness, super-consciousness or Consciousness as being of the universe (Soul) and subconsciousness with our physical body and everyday life, or on integration of spirit and body. What will happen is integration and healing of all 5 bodies we have inside of ourselves: physical body, energy body, mental body, wisdom body and bliss body. This will lead you towards expansion and realization of your being.

The basic working principle is accepting and transforming your feelings, thoughts, habits, inclinations, traumas, different patterns of behaviour, actions and everything we see as undesirable in ourselves, everything that happened or is happening in our lives. All of this is – instead of rejecting it, negating or suppressing it – accepted and transformed into higher consciousness and qualities we already have in ourselves, and now we become aware of them. Everything needs to be accepted with welcome and intimacy. All of it leads us to growth, not away from it. We use visualisation practice and intuitive abilities. We use the intelligence of the physical body, inner bodies and highest consciousness to bring about self-healing and natural growth and development of consciousness.

This technique offers you a simple way of clearing emotional blocks (such as fears, regret, guilt, trauma, dissatisfaction, bitterness), as well as disorders like depression, anxiety, etc. All of these feelings and disorders are here only because they have something to tell us, something important that we need to realize and understand. Why don’t we accept ourselves and the world, why do we judge ourselves and others? It is just ignorance or not seeing a higher perspective, not understanding what is really happening. When you offer someone a different perspective of something that is happening in their lives, then the person can change their perspective and leave suffering behind. We leave suffering behind when we realize that we have other options in life, that different choices are possible, when we fully accept ourselves, life and others, and we realize that we lack nothing. To suffer means to be separate from love, from God.

Everything we would like to achieve in our lives emotionally and spiritually is already integrated in our cells and we just need to remember it. Of course, we are guided and supported in the whole process by the Energy of Creation, or God, or Consciousness. Healings and manifestations in our lives become quick and efficient. We will learn how to make our manifestations support our growth, how to manifest from the soul, i.e. how to make our soul’s wishes true. This is a quick way of growth and development which requires no special discipline or giving up things in our lives.

The technique helps us realize our full potential, to connect with our soul, our Higher Self, our divine part and live the highest truth of ourselves, or realize those qualities carried by our soul or our divine part into our daily lives, to deify our lives, live our highest purpose and meaning. In other words, our complete spiritual knowledge is integrated in our lives to be lived with joy and love, so that we become the best version of ourselves and live in unity of thoughts, feelings, words and actions, and our hearts, minds, souls and egos step on the same way of growth and love, to live in a high vibration of consciousness, light and peace.