About Goran

Goran Karna has a Bachelor Degree in Philosophy and History of Art from the University of Zadar, Croatia. He also has a Diploma in Natural Therapies in Homoeopathy from Health Schools Australia. Goran studied Vibrational Healing in India and also has a Diploma in Yumeiho, Traditional Chinese and Japanese Massage, from Masayuki Saionji’s International Institute for Practice of Preventive Medicine. Goran received the Certificate of Science of ThetaHealing® on the Theta Healing Institute of Knowledge (THInK® ), Idaho Falls, USA.

Goran was from his youth interested in spirituality and studied different world religions, spiritual movements and meditation. For his spiritual teacher, he considers Sri Sathya Sai Baba who had a major impact on his life and work. When he was 36, he met Vianna Stibal and Theta Healing® in Australia. After this, he brought this technique in Croatia and Serbia and from something completely unknown it became widely spread.

Up to now, he had more than 350 seminars and workshops. In his healing practice, he had great success in treating different physical problems, emotional problems, traumas, fears, relationship issues and financial problems.

Through his long experience in working with people, Goran realised the way in which it is the quickest to receive deep healing and how to help people improve their lives and make the next step in life. This technique derived from his great love towards people and his desire to contribute to the world. The message of this technique is true acceptance of ourselves and life in harmony with our being.